watering restrictions

Watering Restrictions

For residents that may be new to our community or Hillsborough County, watering your lawn with restrictions may be something that is a bit confusing. To clarify we are providing information to help understand when, how often and how long you can run your irrigation.

As residents of Hillsborough county, we are only permitted to water our lawns on certain days and times. The days are determined by the ending numbers in our address. The times are set by Hillsborough county and are done so to prevent evaporation that results in wasteful use.

Provided here is a link to the Hillsborough County website so you can review the allowed times and dates for your home. It is important to check this site regularly as the number of times you are allowed to water during a week can change.

Hillsborough County Watering Schedule

It important to follow these rules and schedule to prevent fines that result from  watering on days or times not permissible.