crime report

Local Crime Report | June 20 – June 26

A weekly crime report is provided by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department., District 3. This report is provided to you, the members of our neighborhood and apartment coalition, in an effort to help combat crime in District III and keep you informed of relevant criminal trends and patterns in the area. It is also designed to be used in conjunction with the HCSO website to learn about calls for service and law enforcement related incidents in your communities. The report will include a map and general information about criminal activity in District III as well as a breakdown by each Community Resource Deputy’s area of the district for more specific, neighborhood-focused details. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of all incidents in District III; it focuses on burglaries, robberies, and automobile thefts in this particular report. Please visit the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s website at for more information.

Crime Report

Additionally, our Community Resource  Officer, Deputy Jeffrey Carson, has supplied us with a useful document showing the best means for communicating concerns to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. This document does a very good job of walking you through the appropriate steps if you need to report a crime in progress, notify of suspicious activity, or have a deputy dispatched out to your home. It is suggested that you keep this document near a phone in your home or stored somewhere on your cell phone.

HCSO Communication Guide