Van Dyke Road

A lot has happened since our last update in June. We had a meeting with Commissioner Hagen, at All Saints Church, with a great turnout of our group, over 25 people. He was very impressed, and is in agreement that something has to be done. We then attend the Commissioners meeting in August, downtown, and questioned how they were continuing to approve developments, without a traffic study in over 6 years. We supplied them with many facts about our concerns, especially that our main concern is safety. We let them know from January 1 till August 15,of this year,there has been 186 accidents on Van a Dyke, almost one a day. We met with the President of St. Joseph hospital on Van Dyke, and just two days ago, she wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Commissioners with her concern, with Van Dyke only being two lanes, for the safety of her patients, help, and residents on Van Dyke. We feel this is a large victory for us. The county was going to do a traffic light study, which we requested they wait until school started, which they did, the results were that Van Dyke is a mess. Changing the traffic light timing would not help at all. They will be doing another street study in the near future. We have contacted and communicated with the two candidates running for the open Commissioners seat. We will be meeting with both in the next couple of weeks. We have also contacted the school bus supervisor for her input into driver safety issues.
Bottom line we need YOUR help, we need you to email the Commissioners any time you have a factual situation on Van Dyke. So you know when you do that as one of our residents reported to us, you will receive a return email from the county that a case number has been opened and they will get in touch with you in the next two weeks. PLEASE PLEASE DO IT. it is up to all of us, we are all in this together.
Thanking you in advance