Letter to HomeOwners

October 22, 2016

Hello Neighbors!!

Our Board of Directors needs your help. Please consider volunteering.  Your major responsibility is to continue to keep our neighborhood one of the best neighborhoods in the area. There are about 6-8 meetings a year that you need to attend, among other commitments.

Parking and Our Roads 

We know that our streets are not as wide as we would like. So here is how you can help and be neighborly. Do not park directly across the street from another vehicle. The main reason for this is, if an emergency vehicle (fire truck, ambulance, etc.) had to get to your house, it may not be able to get through or be delayed. Plus, it difficult for all of us to get through.  At times, school buses have had to back up to get out of the neighborhood because it was unable to pass.
When parking your vehicle, be sure to park a minimum of 30 feet from a stop sign, 15 feet from a fire hydrant. Please do not park close to an intersection, as it then becomes hard when making turns.
Please also be mindful that the posted speed limit is 25 mph throughout the entire neighborhood up to Van Dyke Road.


Please try not to block the sidewalks with your vehicle.  This makes it difficult for those using them to pass.
Pet Waste

We have installed three stations for you to use: one in Bellefaire, one across from the pool, and one at the park. Please pick up your pet’s waste.   Failure to do so is discourteous to the rest of the community.

Keep our neighborhood looking good.  Please be sure to place any trash in the waste baskets.

Swimming Pool And Park 

It is up to all of us, to keep these areas looking good.  Please leave all umbrellas, chairs, and tables as you found them.  If they are not clean or in disarray because another resident or guest was inconsiderate, please pitch in.  If the gate is left open, please close it. If something needs major attention call the management company (contact information listed below).

Our Investment 

We all purchased our homes as an investment as well as a place to live. We choose to live in a deed restricted community to keep our investments strong.  Keeping all of our homes looking good is important to all of us. Making sure our   homes are painted when needed, keeping our lawns looking good, our driveway and sidewalks clean are all necessary. All of this helps our community and our personal investment in our homes. If you have any questions regarding the deed restrictions in our community, please do not hesitate to contact a board member or the property management company.

Van Dyke Road and Traffic

We need your help.  Several members of our community and our neighboring communities have expressed displeasure with the amount of traffic on Van Dyke Rd. There is a committee of representatives from Reflections, Calusa Trace, Van Dyke Farms, Van Dyke Estates, St Timothy’s Church, Grace Family Church, All Saints Lutheran, and Van Dyke Church, who have met together, gone to zoning meetings, commissioner’s meetings, and met with two of our county commissioners, to express our concern for safety issues about the traffic on Van Dyke Rd. We need your input please. Any time you personally encounter a safety issue on Van Dyke Rd., please email all the commissioners at:


Or post to the Facebook site:


Thank you for reading this letter, we would love to see you at our board meetings for your input. Remember we are all in this together as this is our neighborhood.

If you have any issues in the community, please contact the management company so they can address or bring to the board’s attention.

The Board of Directors

Greenacre Properties, Inc.

Janet MacNealy, CAM, CMCA

813-600-1100 ext. 147


M-F 9:00 am-5:00 pm