Van Dyke Traffic Update

The Traffic Committee wanted to pass on to all of you some positive news about Van Dyke Road. They had a very good meeting with candidate Tim Schock, who is running for the open position for county commissioner. He said during the meeting that he supported the efforts on having Van Dyke Road fixed and believed in the safety concerns. They then attended the Commissioners board meeting October 19th. One of the agenda items was G-3: “Receive a report from Public Works regarding Van Dyke Road traffic and accident issues” related to Item B-15.

At the public comments which is at beginning of meeting, the committee spoke again about the safety concerns, sharing new data in regards to accidents this year on Van Dyke, 01/01/2016-10/18/2016 total 236, with 50 of them being with injury. Which is almost one a day and over 20%, having injuries. The bonus was the last speaker for public comments was Tim Schock, who finished his comments by stating his safety concerns for Van Dyke Road.

Then during the meeting agenda item B-15 was discussed. B-15, basically is over the next ten years a total  600 million dollars will be spent on roads in Hillsborough county. Van Dyke is now included in this funding. 

Most important the committee really needs your help, attending meetings.  Also, continue to email all commissioners with factual events that happen to you on Van Dyke at: 

Bottom line Van Dyke Road is one of many roads, in the approved money, we need to be high on the list, to have it completed sooner.  

Thank you, it is up to all of us.