Holiday Tips from Deputy Carson

HCSO Holiday Safety Tips

At Home

– Double check that all doors and windows are in good working order and are securely locked when you leave your home.

– If possible, leave a light or an appliance such as a TV or radio on when you are away from home. This helps give the impression that someone is there and can help deter a burglar

– Package theft is a big problem at this time of the year. Consider setting up a delivery option with your carrier that requires a signature upon delivery as opposed to packages being left outside your home.

– If you are going out of town for an extended period of time, communicate with your neighbors. Ask them to gather your mail or newspapers or park their vehicle in your driveway (again giving the impression that someone is home). Request that they keep an eye out for any suspicious activity while you are away.


– Be aware of your surroundings (parking lot, garage, etc.) and report any suspicious activity you may see while out shopping.

– Park your vehicle in a well-lit area, preferably one with video cameras nearby.

– Lock your vehicle at all times and remove all valuables. If you have expensive gifts you just bought, secure them in the trunk and out of plain view.

– Do not leave purses, wallets, cell phones, etc. unattended in shopping carts. It only takes two seconds for a thief to get their hands on them if you are not looking.

On The Road

– As busy and hectic as this time of the year is, do not text and drive.

– Roadways will be especially crowded with holiday travelers. Allow extra time to reach your destination. Plan your route out ahead of time to avoid congestion.