Community Sidewalks

As we are guessing most of you are aware, Hillsborough County recently completed a community wide project improving the sidewalks throughout Reflections. We wanted to make sure we passed along the project managers information in case any of you still have concerns about the work they provided.

Specifically, we recommend that anyone who had sidewalks replaced should test the irrigation around the new sidewalks. It is not uncommon for irrigation lines or heads to be damaged during their repairs. Additionally, if you feel your lawn was damaged as a result of the work the county will provide new sod to the affected area.

Should you find such damage it is very important that you report it as soon as possible as the county will be coming back out to complete a final inspection, and address reported issues. Please use the information below to report any issues you feel need to be addressed:

Pierre M. Valles, P.E.

Professional Engineer II
Public Works

P: (813) 307-1852
C: (813) 459-0373