Important message about our ponds

The community (ALL of US) just spent $20,000 to dredge the pond shown in the photo. We had to have it dredged to return it to its original depth so it can function properly. This is the main pond in our neighborhood that collects water and then distributes it to the larger ponds.

Our ponds are known as retention ponds, which means when it rains all of the water that goes into our sewer system ends up on these ponds. In addition to rain water, everything that enters our sewer system eventually makes it into our ponds; including leaves and yard waste (by landscape companies or wind) and trash (like the debris seen in the photo).

We all love looking at the beautiful ponds in our neighborhood. Some of us paid extra for our property during construction to have a lake view and when someone buys a home in our neighborhood they will also pay a little extra for the view.

It is up to us to slow the pollution process down. It’s inevitable that the pond will need to be dredged again. If we can stop the yard waste and litter from entering the sewer system we can delay the need for the pond to be dredged by 40 or 50 years instead of 16.