Community Updates and Tips

We hope all of you are happy with the upgrades to our neighborhood; from the new landscaping, to the picnic table at the park, to the pool heaters, and coming soon the upgrade to our pool cabana area.

The cabana upgrades will start on Tuesday April 5 with power washing, repainting and remodeling of the bathrooms.

Because of this the pool will be closed starting on Wednesday April 6 and ending (hopefully) at noon on Friday April 8.  Be aware this is not being paid for out of operating budget, but from our reserves, which keep our more expensive items covered.

Here are a few things all of us can do on a daily basis to keep our community looking and being the best:

1. Please do not put leaves, trash or any other items in our sewer (drainage) system. ALL THESE THINGS end up in OUR neighborhood ponds. This causes our ponds to eventually needing to be dredged. THIS costs tens of thousands of dollars to keep the ponds clean. If you use landscaping companies, please tell them to not blow leaves in the sewers (same goes for you if you maintain your property yourself).

2. Please, please pick up after your dogs (big and small!). There are poop stations all throughout our neighborhood.

3. Speed limit (unless posted otherwise) is 25 MPH. As one of our favorite sign says “DRIVE LIKE YOUR CHILDREN LIVE HERE”.

Thank you all for making Reflections one of the best looking communities in the area. Our housing prices, as well as speed of turnover, reflect this best. It is up to all of us. We are our own greatest assets.


Your Board of Directors