Community Landscape Update

We wanted to update everyone about our common area landscape in the community.

On June 28 our current landscape company, LMP, treated a large portion of our community grass. The product they used was incorrect.

Prior to this incident your landscape committee with two Board members on it, had been interviewing other landscape companies because of the degraded service we’ve experienced from LMP over the last year. We gave LMP a thirty day notice on June 30, two days after their incorrect treatment, that they will no longer service our community.

Our property manager Kevin has been in conversation with the LMP district manager and they claim the grass will come back. We disagree that all of it will come back and hired a third party to determine the extent of the damage. They have been out to measure and taken samples of our grass to be tested to determine the damage to the grass and how much will not come back, if any.

We are seeking legal advice from our attorney and the insurance company for LMP has been notified about this issue in hopes of coming to a resolution.

Will keep you updated on this. 

Thank you your Board of Directors