Community Landscape Update – Message from our new HOA President

Hello Everyone! My name is Joe Ramos. I recently took over as President of our HOA from Lloyd Perlman.

We are all very frustrated with the burnt grass at the entrance to our community. LMP, our previous landscaping company,  burnt it and refused to replace it. We are working with our management company, Greenacres and their lawyers to reach a settlement with LMP’s insurance company to replace the grass.

It has taken much longer than we would like. Unfortunately, we have no other recourse other than to fix it ourselves and then seek reimbursement, which we would not like to do since the magnitude of the expense is in the $50k range.

Hopefully, we can get this done in the next few weeks as well as other projects that had been postponed due to our issues with LMP. We will keep you informed!!

Suggestions and comments are welcome. You may email me at

We are in this together!

Sincerely, Joe.