Important Message: Flags and Signs

Dear Neighbors:

We need every home to take down all signs and/or flags, with the exception of the USA flag, any POW/MIA or military flag or professional for sale signs.

Article III, Section 9 of Articles of Covenant that we agreed to when we bought our homes in this community clearly states on article 3:  “NO SIGNS OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING “FOR SALE, FOR RENT” OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR SIGN SHALL BE DISPLAYED TO THE PUBLIC VIEW, ERECTED OR MAINTAINED ON ANY LOT…. etc. (professional “for sale” signs are allowed.)

Previously, the different Reflection’s Boards and our management company, Greenacre, had been flexible in allowing some signs and flags deemed to be inoffensive, such as children’s schools, honor mentions, seasonal greetings and team flags, displayed unless someone objected to it.  If any “sign or flag” was deemed to be offensive or controversial Greenacre would ask the neighbor to remove it and these complied voluntarily.

However, we have recently encountered a situation where Greenacre’s and the Board’s decision has been challenged by a resident.  Therefore, we have no alternative than to enforce Article III, section 9 of our Articles of Covenants as written or allow our community to become a “billboard free for all” community, which could affect the value of our homes.

We need for everyone to comply promptly.

We will hold a Board meeting on or around February 3, 2022 to discuss this issue and take the action the whole community agrees to, which may include changing the Covenant.  Meanwhile, we need everyone to comply with what we agreed to when we moved in!!

Thank you.