Flag and Sign Update

Dear Neighbors:

In our community meeting on Thursday, February 3, 2022, where there was a good representation of our neighborhood, it was decided that we would change Section 3; paragraph 9 of our Declaration of Covenants to allow certain signs and flags to be placed in visible areas of our homes.

The Board of Directors and our management company, Greenacre, agreed to draft a revised paragraph for the approval of the home owners. Seventy five percent (75%) of the home owners need to approve this change, also based on our Covenants.

We will do this promptly!

Meanwhile, our current Covenant, that states that NO signs are allowed is still the governing document that we all agreed to, and needs to be respected.

Therefore, we thank all of the residents that have already complied and removed their signs and flags , and request that those that haven’t do so promptly.

Please respect our Declaration of Covenants and remove any signs or flags (with the exception of the USA, POW or Prisoner of War flags) from your property until we have a new guideline in place!

Thank you for your cooperation,

Your Board of Directors