Flag and Sign Covenant Update

Hello neighbors,

In our community meeting held on February 3, 2022 the overwhelming majority of the neighbors present wanted to be able to place non-controversial, seasonal signs and/or flags on their properties. The current covenant does not allow any kind of sign or flag except for the USA, POW/MIA or professional “for sale” signs. Those that have other signs or flags are in violation of the covenant that we all agreed to when we purchased a home in this community.

A new covenant has been drafted and will be mailed to your home during the week of March 28. Please review the proposed covenant and mark if you agree or not with the change. We would need 75% of YES votes from the TOTAL homes to be able to make the change. If we do not get 75% of the YES votes, then the current “No signs allowed” covenant will be enforced.

Someone will come to your home to collect your vote during the week of April 10.

Thank you,

Your Board of Directors

Bellefaire Tree Trimming

The landscape company will be trimming the tree branches that hang over the roads inside Bellefaire on Friday March 25. Please keep the roads clear of parked vehicles.