David Weekley Project – Attend Meeting at Pool

We wanted to update the Reflections Community on the David Weekley Project behind our neighborhood, give you what we believe are positives and the negatives. If you have more please share with us at our community meeting tonight (Sept 8) at 6:30 at our pool.

We know many residents have concerns. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list but rather a starting point for discussion. We encourage residents to provide feedback during the meeting.


  1. Adding 58 more homes to our neighborhood, causing more traffic to Lake Reflection Blvd
  2. Only one entrance to park (we lose the gate exit on the back-side)
  3. Some of our houses losing their views
  4. Who has access to community park and swimming pool
  5. Additional speeders on Lake Reflection Blvd


  1. $100,000 to upgrade our community
  2. Legal fees
  3. 25% of lawn maintenance cost from our entrance to theirs
  4. Adding to our park with new equipment and 25% maintenance cost of new community park
  5. Access for us to use their walking trails
  6. Helping with the Van Dyke Road Project

These are where the negotiations are as of now if we approve.

Questions to ask ourselves about this situation and what could happen if we say no to letting it happen.

  1. County could approve anyway and then we get nothing.
  2. If Weekley backs out, another project could be approved with homes, condominiums, apartments, or multiple other projects.

These are the facts, we need to think about and do what is best for our community.

58 new homes with values from $750,000 to $920,000. That alone will add value to our community plus the additional $100,000 enchantment for our community.

It is up to all of us.

Van Dyke Road Project Update

We all need our entire neighborhood to help in this situation!!

Please emailĀ our seven Hillsborough County Commissioners at the link below between now and Friday to let them know how unhappy we are with their negligence in the Van Dyke Rd project. Completion moved from 2024 to maybe 2029.

Express your concerns as you face this situation almost daily and how you and your family’s safety are effected.


Thank you it is up to all of us!

All Community Meeting Rescheduled for Next Week

We will be talking about three important topics.

The David Weekley new home project at Avalon Stables, the Van Dyke Rd. project and the low lying sidewalk at the Veteran’s Overpass.

Very important that all try and attend! Spread the word with your neighbors.

When: Thursday September 29 at 6:30

Where: Reflections Community Pool