Invasive Brush Clearing

Several areas of overgrown invasive brush such as Brazilian Peppertrees that have not been cut back in the past 18 years of the community are being remediated/controlled. Several areas where invasive brush along some residents’ homes and common areas have been cut back. Several of our residents complained of the overgrowth.   

After discussion with previous HOA boards, none of this brush has been controlled over the years and keeps taking away from the original landscape plots and parcels. It has to be timed just prior to rainy season, as all areas will green up quickly with the rain season closely upon us.

Sidewalk Repair Process

Hillsborough County is responsible for the sidewalks in our neighborhood and the county assigns a certain amount of funds each year to sidewalk repair/replacement.

If you have sidewalk damage that is causing a hazard in front of your home you must submit a request to Hillsborough Public Works to get it on record. The county will come out and look at the area and if deemed bad enough a work order will be opened and added to their queue to repair at a later date.

If we have enough filed we can try to complain to the Commissioner’s office to help expedite versus waiting years for repairs.

Click the link below to submit the request.

It is very simple form to complete and will ask

1. What – What is the specific need?

2. Who – contact information 

3. Where – address

4. Details – what is the issue – fall/trip hazard etc. etc.

*It allows for files or pictures to be added also.

Easter Egg Hunt

We are having the annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday April 8 at 10 am at the community pool.

If you would like to participate, please drop off 12 filled (stickers, candy, small toys, etc) eggs per child at 4811 Sky Blue Drive.

Construction Crane on Lake Reflections Blvd

We were informed by Greenacre Property Management that the general contractor repairing the burnt home has filed for a permit to place a crane on Lake Reflections Boulevard this week/Wednesday to replace the roof trusses.

They stated it will take 1 to 3 days to replace the roof trusses. 

Please drive with extra caution in this area.

Holiday Dinner For the Firefighters at Station 34

A huge thank you to everyone who made a donation, we are so close to our goal! Please consider donating if you haven’t already.

Our Reflections community would like to raise $500 to supply the firefighters at station 34 with a great meal before the holiday season is over.

The station is located on Van Dyke Rd at the Veteran’s Expressway and is the station that supports our neighborhood. The firefighters at the station are split into three 24-hour shifts.

We want to thank Nabruzzi for catering and delivering a meal to each of the three shifts.

It’s the perfect time of year to show appreciation to the brave firefighters who keep our community safe!

Click the link to donate today!

Community Pressure Washing

Common area pressure washing is scheduled for Monday November 28.

Tampa Power Wash is offering the services below for homeowners.

Driveway and front walkway is $75

Single story house wash including patio $195

Two story house wash including patio $295

Homeowners can email to sign up.

Annual Membership Meeting

All residents received the annual membership meeting information shown below via US mail during the week of October 24.

Read carefully and follow the ballot instructions to elect board of directors.

The annual membership meeting will be held:

When: Thursday November 3, 2022 6:30 PM
Where: Greenacre Properties, Inc. 4131 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618

Avalon Stables Proxy Vote and Special Meeting

All residents received the proxy shown below via US mail during the week of October 4.

It is IMPORTANT that you review the proxy and vote by mail or bring your vote to the next meeting on this topic.

Meeting Date/Time – Thursday October 20 6:30 PM

Meeting Location – Reflections Community Pool

If you have any questions, click here to email the board and property manager.