Flag/Sign Special Membership Meeting and Avalon Stables Update

The Board of Directors will reconvene the Special Membership Meeting originally held on April 20, 2022.

The reconvened meeting will be for voting on the proposed signage amendment and to provide an update on the proposed David Weekly neighborhood on the Avalon Stables property.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday June 7, 2022 at 6:30 pm located at the Reflections Pool Pavilion, 18320 Fall Creek Drive, Lutz, FL 33558.

Avalon Stables Rezoning Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held on June 13, 2022, at 6:00pm regarding the rezoning of the Avalon stables property. It is currently zoned Agricultural. Those of you that wish to attend this hearing please make plans to do so!

The requested change in zoning is to allow the construction of a new housing development by David Weekley Homes on the current Avalon Stables land, as discussed at our last community meeting.

The Reflection Board has been in communication with David Weekley Homes and is discussing with them, and our attorneys, the community’s options.

We will keep you informed.

Important Updates – Please Read

  1. Community Meeting to be held on Wednesday April 20 at 6:30pm at the neighborhood pool cabana.
  2. Board members will be going door to door this week to pick up the proxies for the April 20 meeting where we will vote to change the “signs” covenant. Have your proxies ready and signed if you have not mailed them in already.
    IMPORTANT: We must receive 75% YES votes to pass. Anything less and the existing covenant will remain and be enforced.
  3. The board will update the community on the Avalon Stables sale during the April 20 meeting. We will inform everyone what we know about the sale and the developer’s plans. The community needs to make some decisions on this subject.

Flag and Sign Covenant Update

Hello neighbors,

In our community meeting held on February 3, 2022 the overwhelming majority of the neighbors present wanted to be able to place non-controversial, seasonal signs and/or flags on their properties. The current covenant does not allow any kind of sign or flag except for the USA, POW/MIA or professional “for sale” signs. Those that have other signs or flags are in violation of the covenant that we all agreed to when we purchased a home in this community.

A new covenant has been drafted and will be mailed to your home during the week of March 28. Please review the proposed covenant and mark if you agree or not with the change. We would need 75% of YES votes from the TOTAL homes to be able to make the change. If we do not get 75% of the YES votes, then the current “No signs allowed” covenant will be enforced.

Someone will come to your home to collect your vote during the week of April 10.

Thank you,

Your Board of Directors

Bellefaire Tree Trimming

The landscape company will be trimming the tree branches that hang over the roads inside Bellefaire on Friday March 25. Please keep the roads clear of parked vehicles.

Flag and Sign Update

Dear Neighbors:

In our community meeting on Thursday, February 3, 2022, where there was a good representation of our neighborhood, it was decided that we would change Section 3; paragraph 9 of our Declaration of Covenants to allow certain signs and flags to be placed in visible areas of our homes.

The Board of Directors and our management company, Greenacre, agreed to draft a revised paragraph for the approval of the home owners. Seventy five percent (75%) of the home owners need to approve this change, also based on our Covenants.

We will do this promptly!

Meanwhile, our current Covenant, that states that NO signs are allowed is still the governing document that we all agreed to, and needs to be respected.

Therefore, we thank all of the residents that have already complied and removed their signs and flags , and request that those that haven’t do so promptly.

Please respect our Declaration of Covenants and remove any signs or flags (with the exception of the USA, POW or Prisoner of War flags) from your property until we have a new guideline in place!

Thank you for your cooperation,

Your Board of Directors

Special Meeting for Flag/Sign Covenant

All residents are invited to attend a special meeting and share their thoughts regarding the recent mailer and website post about flags and signs on our homes.

When: Thursday February 3, 6:30 PM
Where: Reflections Community Pool

Important Message: Flags and Signs

Dear Neighbors:

We need every home to take down all signs and/or flags, with the exception of the USA flag, any POW/MIA or military flag or professional for sale signs.

Article III, Section 9 of Articles of Covenant that we agreed to when we bought our homes in this community clearly states on article 3:  “NO SIGNS OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING “FOR SALE, FOR RENT” OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR SIGN SHALL BE DISPLAYED TO THE PUBLIC VIEW, ERECTED OR MAINTAINED ON ANY LOT…. etc. (professional “for sale” signs are allowed.)

Previously, the different Reflection’s Boards and our management company, Greenacre, had been flexible in allowing some signs and flags deemed to be inoffensive, such as children’s schools, honor mentions, seasonal greetings and team flags, displayed unless someone objected to it.  If any “sign or flag” was deemed to be offensive or controversial Greenacre would ask the neighbor to remove it and these complied voluntarily.

However, we have recently encountered a situation where Greenacre’s and the Board’s decision has been challenged by a resident.  Therefore, we have no alternative than to enforce Article III, section 9 of our Articles of Covenants as written or allow our community to become a “billboard free for all” community, which could affect the value of our homes.

We need for everyone to comply promptly.

We will hold a Board meeting on or around February 3, 2022 to discuss this issue and take the action the whole community agrees to, which may include changing the Covenant.  Meanwhile, we need everyone to comply with what we agreed to when we moved in!!

Thank you.