Another Banner Year for Reflections Homeowners

Greetings from one of your newest neighbors on Torrey Hills Lane!  My three boys and I moved into this community in February of 2017 and we are so happy here!  As a resident of Lutz for the majority of my life, I had the privilege of watching this beautiful neighborhood come out of the ground from the raw land it once was.  Since the beginning, I’ve felt this neighborhood has something special with its front porch architecture and small town feel.  Now as a homeowner, I get to experience the warmth and caring nature of the residents here – it’s unlike any neighborhood I’ve ever lived in!

Market strength both in our neighborhood, our area and nation remains strong!  Nationally, Florida ranks among top states for continued growth and a recent news article predicted that Orlando and Tampa will have “little to no chance of falling prices in 2018”.  This good news is attributed in part to large businesses opening, expanding and relocating here, along with household incomes that continue to rise.   Compared to other metro areas such as San Francisco with a median sold price of $900,000 or San Diego with a median sold price of $607,000, it’s easy to see incredible value and affordability in the median sold price of the Tampa Bay area at $255,685.

In our local Tampa Bay market consisting of Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties tracked by GTAR (Greater Tampa Realtors), prices continue to rise – most recently at an 8.6% increase over a 4 year spread.   With our area approximately 73 months into the recovery, we continue on the upward part of the expansion side of the market cycle.    Reflections had another banner year in real estate with 12 homes selling in 2017, a decrease from 13 sales the year before, accurately reflecting the lack of homes available for sale in the marketplace.  Reflections median sold price in 2017 was $292,000, up from 2016 median sold at $280,000.  The price band niche of our neighborhood strongly favors sellers due to the rapid pace of time on the market before obtaining a contract, combined a with relatively low number of homes for sale, causing market price indicators to trend upwards.  The current median price per square foot is $144, up from last year at $135/sf.

Thank you,


Florida Executive Realty

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Updated Approved Paint Colors

In an effort to continue improvements to our community, the ACC Committee recently recommended adding new colors to our approved list of Neo-Traditional themed house colors. This recommendation was recently approved by our Board of Directors as those new colors have been updated on our website.

If you are planning to paint your house it should be noted that you are required to first submit an application to the ACC Committee for approval. This process is required even if you plan to repaint your home the same color as the current color.

To view the updated list of approved paint colors we have provided a link here:
Approved Community Paint Colors – Updated 8/15/17

Community Pool Closed – Hurricane Irma

Dear Reflections Residents,

The Board of Directors has decided for the safety of our residents to shut down the community pool and secure the furniture at 5pm on Saturday. The pool will remain closed until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe everyone.

The Board of Directors

Board of Directors Meeting – August 15

Dear Residents,
Our next board meeting will be held on August 15th at 6:30pm at the Bethany Center. We are getting ready to start the budgeting process and if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve our community, this is the time to have your voices heard.
Thank you,
The Board of Directors

Our Neighborhood Street Signs

Dear Reflections Residents,

This week you will see new streets signs being installed. The Board’s decision to undertake this project was based on various factors. The most important ones being safety of our residents (the current ones are not reflective nor do they have the proper breakaway point) and to be in compliance with the county. Reflections was already on the county’s radar so the Boards thought it would be best to not postpone this project.

The Board chose a company that offered a reasonable price as well as the best aesthetics.

Please read the article below for more information about the importance of proper signage.

The Board of Directors

Board of Directors January Meeting Minutes

Dear Residents,
In an effort to keep everyone better informed of board initiatives and community news we will be posting the meeting agendas and minutes on a regular basis,  Please keep in mind that the meeting minutes will always be a meeting behind since they get approved at the following meeting. For example, we are posting the January Meeting Minutes as they were approved at our last board meeting in March. So January’s meeting minutes are the only one posted so far since they were approved at the last meeting in March.


A special thank you to Jary Walker of Torrey Hills Lane. At the last Board meeting, a homeowner asked the Board to look into potentially extending the fence that runs North-South by the Overpass (on the east side of Lake Reflections Boulevard, behind the little pond). It seemed that the deer were coming through that opening and occasionally getting hit by cars. Greenacre was tasked with getting quotes, but Jary, who was in attendance, took it upon himself to call the right people and have the fence installed… At no charge to the community!! Thank you Jary!!!



Community Easter Egg Hunt – 4/8/17

It’s time for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt! The event will take place on Saturday, April 8th.

We have new volunteers this year and they have decided to switch it up!
They have decided to split it up in 2 groups with 2 different locations.

Group 1: Kids OVER 5. This group will be hunting for eggs at the field between Torrey Hills and the Overpass. This will take place from 11:00 to 11:30am.

Group 2: Kids UNDER 5. This group will be hunting for eggs at the Community Pool. This will take place from 11:30am – 12:00pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to have your kid(s) participate please bring 12 filled eggs per child (fill with candy, stickers, etc.) to 5126 Pheasant Woods Drive. Please indicate the age of the children participating on the bag. Please provide eggs NO LATER than 7:30pm Friday the 7th.