Complete and Return Proxy for Proposed HOA Amendment

As you know, the Board of Directors continues to try and do what’s best our neighborhood and the home values. With this in mind the Board is suggesting amending our documents to add a rental stipulation. The purpose of this amendment is to deter new buyers/ investors from buying property in our community for the sole purpose of turning these homes into short term rentals.  This is happening more and more in communities that don’t have rental stipulations. 

If you presently own a resident in our community and/or are now presently renting, you will be grandfathered in, and this will not affect you. 

On July 1, 2021 the state law is being changed and HOAs will no longer be able to add rental stipulations to their documents. With this in mind, we ask you to please return your signed proxy as soon as possible in the return envelope you received.  

If you have questions, feel free to to ask one of the Board members when you see them out and about our neighborhood. 

Thank you as always for being a part of this great community.

Zoom Information for special meeting:
Meeting ID: 874 0960 0615
Passcode: 235342
Dial in Option: 1-301-715-8592

Alligator Sightings

Alligator’s are common in our community ponds and lakes. We have seen one in particular very close to the shore line of the lake across from the pool.

Keep an eye out and be careful when near the shore lines.

Important Pool News

Your Board of Directors wants to make you aware of situations going on around our pool area.

We’ve received reports of children inside the pool area after 10:00 PM drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition the irrigation timer at the pool area was destroyed and graffiti was drawn on the both the sidewalk and the bike rack, all which cost our community almost a $1,000 to repair. We’ve also had reports of unaccompanied children climbing the fence to enter the pool area and doing damage to the pool equipment and furniture.

We are looking into a security system to monitor the pool area or to have a deputy sheriff patrol our neighborhood, all which will cost our community more money.

If your anyone is at the pool after hours as stated on the signage, they can be cited for trespassing.

Please keep an eye on your children and our community; if you see something, say something.

Community Updates and Tips

We hope all of you are happy with the upgrades to our neighborhood; from the new landscaping, to the picnic table at the park, to the pool heaters, and coming soon the upgrade to our pool cabana area.

The cabana upgrades will start on Tuesday April 5 with power washing, repainting and remodeling of the bathrooms.

Because of this the pool will be closed starting on Wednesday April 6 and ending (hopefully) at noon on Friday April 8.  Be aware this is not being paid for out of operating budget, but from our reserves, which keep our more expensive items covered.

Here are a few things all of us can do on a daily basis to keep our community looking and being the best:

1. Please do not put leaves, trash or any other items in our sewer (drainage) system. ALL THESE THINGS end up in OUR neighborhood ponds. This causes our ponds to eventually needing to be dredged. THIS costs tens of thousands of dollars to keep the ponds clean. If you use landscaping companies, please tell them to not blow leaves in the sewers (same goes for you if you maintain your property yourself).

2. Please, please pick up after your dogs (big and small!). There are poop stations all throughout our neighborhood.

3. Speed limit (unless posted otherwise) is 25 MPH. As one of our favorite sign says “DRIVE LIKE YOUR CHILDREN LIVE HERE”.

Thank you all for making Reflections one of the best looking communities in the area. Our housing prices, as well as speed of turnover, reflect this best. It is up to all of us. We are our own greatest assets.


Your Board of Directors 

Van Dyke Rd Traffic Update

Wanted to give all of our residents an update on the Van Dyke Rd Widening Project.

Unfortunately it looks like the project will not be complete until at least until late 2025 or into 2027.

We understand that this does not make any of us happy but we have given Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan an idea for a temporary fix for our situation.

We asked for a temporary traffic light at the intersection of Lake Reflections and Van Dyke. We are asking that the light function Monday through Friday, from 6:30AM to 9:30AM and 3:30PM to 6:30PM. The rest of the time including Saturday and Sunday it would flash yellow on Van Dyke and red on Lake Reflections and Darby. He is intrigued by this idea and will be working with the public works department to see if this can happen.

In the mean time, we need your help. Please email Commissioner Hagan at, as soon as possible. Thank him for trying to make this idea happen. Stress the safety factor and how dangerous leaving our community can be for our residents and school busses, especially turning left onto Van Dyke. Please focus on the safety issue, not complaining. We were able to start this project and have it happen by stressing facts and safety concerns.

Please pass this on to fellow residents and others you know that use Van Dyke.

It is up to us to get this idea to happen.

Thank you.