Special Meeting for Flag/Sign Covenant

All residents are invited to attend a special meeting and share their thoughts regarding the recent mailer and website post about flags and signs on our homes.

When: Thursday February 3, 6:30 PM
Where: Reflections Community Pool

Important Message: Flags and Signs

Dear Neighbors:

We need every home to take down all signs and/or flags, with the exception of the USA flag, any POW/MIA or military flag or professional for sale signs.

Article III, Section 9 of Articles of Covenant that we agreed to when we bought our homes in this community clearly states on article 3:  “NO SIGNS OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING “FOR SALE, FOR RENT” OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR SIGN SHALL BE DISPLAYED TO THE PUBLIC VIEW, ERECTED OR MAINTAINED ON ANY LOT…. etc. (professional “for sale” signs are allowed.)

Previously, the different Reflection’s Boards and our management company, Greenacre, had been flexible in allowing some signs and flags deemed to be inoffensive, such as children’s schools, honor mentions, seasonal greetings and team flags, displayed unless someone objected to it.  If any “sign or flag” was deemed to be offensive or controversial Greenacre would ask the neighbor to remove it and these complied voluntarily.

However, we have recently encountered a situation where Greenacre’s and the Board’s decision has been challenged by a resident.  Therefore, we have no alternative than to enforce Article III, section 9 of our Articles of Covenants as written or allow our community to become a “billboard free for all” community, which could affect the value of our homes.

We need for everyone to comply promptly.

We will hold a Board meeting on or around February 3, 2022 to discuss this issue and take the action the whole community agrees to, which may include changing the Covenant.  Meanwhile, we need everyone to comply with what we agreed to when we moved in!!

Thank you.

Budget Adoption, Annual Membership and Board Meeting

The following meetings will take place on Thursday November 18 via Zoom. Detailed agenda was delivered by US mail.

Budget Adoption – 6:30 pm

Annual Membership6:45 pm

Board of Directors MeetingImmediately following Annual Membership

Zoom Information:

Meeting Link – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88381036733?pwd=RUM3cExSU2QzU0MxVnJONjhuLy9Pdz09

Meeting ID – 883 8103 6733

Passcode – 416990

Call in Number – 1-301-715-8592

Fall Clean Up and Pressure Washing

Dear Neighbors,

Twice a year our common areas are pressure washed to keep them looking nice and clean. We plan to do this again the first week of November. 

We ask that all neighbors do the same with their sidewalks and driveways, as well as any other areas in your homes that are visible to the public.

We will post information on the company the HOA will use to pressure wash the common areas so you can contact them for a special price for your driveway and sidewalks.

Let’s all do our part and keep our community looking nice and clean!!

Passing of our neighbor and friend, Jary Walker

Dear Residents, 
It’s with great sorrow that we want to announce the passing of our neighbor and friend, Jary Walker, or as many of us called him, the Mayor of Reflections. 

Jary cared tremendously about our community and was in integral part of it. He often would call the county to get things taken care for us. He was the one that got many sections of sidewalks replaced throughout our community, made sure the area under the overpass pressure washed, etc. He was also part of our Architectural Committee for many many years.

Please keep his family in your thoughts.

We thank him for his service to our country (Jary was a veteran) and to our community. We will miss you dearly, Jary.

Community Landscape Update

The Board has filed a lawsuit against LMP, our previous landscaping company as they refuse to acknowledge their responsibility for burning the grass at the entrance to our community. It’s in the hands of the court.

We will keep you informed.

Community Landscape Update – Message from our new HOA President

Hello Everyone! My name is Joe Ramos. I recently took over as President of our HOA from Lloyd Perlman.

We are all very frustrated with the burnt grass at the entrance to our community. LMP, our previous landscaping company,  burnt it and refused to replace it. We are working with our management company, Greenacres and their lawyers to reach a settlement with LMP’s insurance company to replace the grass.

It has taken much longer than we would like. Unfortunately, we have no other recourse other than to fix it ourselves and then seek reimbursement, which we would not like to do since the magnitude of the expense is in the $50k range.

Hopefully, we can get this done in the next few weeks as well as other projects that had been postponed due to our issues with LMP. We will keep you informed!!

Suggestions and comments are welcome. You may email me at joeramostv@gmail.com.

We are in this together!

Sincerely, Joe.

Community Landscape Update

We wanted to update everyone about our common area landscape in the community.

On June 28 our current landscape company, LMP, treated a large portion of our community grass. The product they used was incorrect.

Prior to this incident your landscape committee with two Board members on it, had been interviewing other landscape companies because of the degraded service we’ve experienced from LMP over the last year. We gave LMP a thirty day notice on June 30, two days after their incorrect treatment, that they will no longer service our community.

Our property manager Kevin has been in conversation with the LMP district manager and they claim the grass will come back. We disagree that all of it will come back and hired a third party to determine the extent of the damage. They have been out to measure and taken samples of our grass to be tested to determine the damage to the grass and how much will not come back, if any.

We are seeking legal advice from our attorney and the insurance company for LMP has been notified about this issue in hopes of coming to a resolution.

Will keep you updated on this. 

Thank you your Board of Directors